Non-teacher education leaders?

Obama to push for new ed-tech agency in the part of the article that requires subscription is a quote from Charles Severance, a faculty member at the University of Michigan’s School of Information and a developer network coordinator for the IMS Global Learning Consortium.  He states, “There is a massive disconnect between education experts and the people who actually educate.  If you look at a lot of the emerging educational technology trends conferences, all the speakers and leadership are non-teachers.”

As he is summarized earlier special projects are difficult for the K-12 and college educators, who “work like dogs from September to June:” with little or no free time to apply for federal funding for special projects.

So, if teaching is so easy that anyone can do it, why is it that those who are in the trenches – those that are actually teaching are working like dogs.  How can those not in education, who have never actually taught call themselves educational leaders?

The results of so many non-teacher education leaders is they get sucked into some of the thinking Gary Stager describes in In Education, Nothing Succeeds Quite Like Failure. They call for research based curriculum, but in the end they mandate programs, that the resulting statistics show no significant difference.  But instead of looking at the the program – let’s blame the teachers. I think more people need to study logic.

Blaming teachers has become the thing to do.  With articles like Why Become a Teacher Today?  and The Beatings will continue until the morale improves, I wonder what our non-teacher education leaders hope to accomplish. Pushing people out of the teaching profession.  Abolishing what little respect teachers have. Who then will teach the children?


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