Mobile Technology “Literacies”…

Well, not really that new, as technology has been with us for a while.  But as technology changes and the younger generations take all these amazing, wonderful, sometimes unbelievable things in at record speeds, the ethics, appropriateness and guidance from the previous generations is absent.  Sometimes it is all so new that we don’t quite understand the impact ourselves.  But it still remains with us, adults to help the younger generation learn the skills – both logical and emotional to create wise paths into the upcoming technology.

An article from Educause –  Mobile Perspectives: On teaching Mobile Literacy brings up some of these critical “literacy” issues.  I loved the following quote:

“The future our students will inherit is one that will be mediated and stitched together by the mobile web, and I think that ethically, we are called on as teachers to teach them how to use these technologies effectively.”


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