Teachers and Instructional Design

I am currently working on a PhD in Instructional Design.  I waited to find a program that fit into where I have come and where I am going.  But even now, in the middle of this choice I often wonder why this new fangled term “Instructional Design” is so “new”.  Isn’t this just another word for teaching?

And then I read We Are Not That Different by Elliott Masie, and I couldn’t agree more.

Teaching and Learning is generally the same at all levels.  It is as you focus on the content and the learners that the differences start occurring.  And isn’t that the way it should be?  I would not expect the lessons of a third grade classroom in south central Los Angeles to look identical to the third grade classroom in rural Idaho.  Each teacher will take the content and work with it to create lessons that will connect to their specific classroom.

I loved the connection of social learning using a jig-saw activity as an example in an elementary school classroom. Divide up the content between a small group of learners. Each becomes the “expert” in their section which they then teach to the others.

Mr. Masie wishes that “every college professor and high school teacher had the opportunity to spend time in a corporate learning department.”  I wish the corporate learning folks could spend time in the K-16 setting. There is amazing things happening in classrooms all across the nation.


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