Seeing Problems Through Teacher Eyes

I have to agree with Dan about trying to keep up a blog when there are so many interesting things happening (usually very fast) around us.  I have several Drafts waiting for my further attention.  But today, I need to write about being a teacher.

Yesterday I was listening to Jon Schmidt, and wondered about how he decided to write music as a career.  I love to play the piano, but the thought of choosing that as a career feels almost foreign.  I thought about how teaching is so ingrained into who I am.  I have various roles in my life – job, home, church, friends etc. and the way I go about solving any problem is a teaching solution.

For example: I work on a committee and something didn’t get done…I ask – Did they understand the task?  Did they have the tools to complete the task?  Maybe they were unsure how to go about doing the task?  Do they need assistance?  What kind of assistance?  These are all “teaching” questions – Did the student understand the content/assignment/question? Does the student have everything they need pen/paper/internet connection/computer?  Where did the student get stuck – how can I, as the teacher, help?  My first review of the situation is to look to see if there is something more I could do to “teach” about the task.

I cannot imagine my life without me teaching in some form or fashion.  I currently work with faculty integrating technology.  I see myself as more that the tech help.  I am a teacher.  I look at problems with teacher eyes.  I hear conversations/ideas/complaints with teacher ears.  When I approach a situation I want to walk away with more than I brought.  I want everyone to understand more after the situation/problem.  I have this innate desire to grow, to learn, to be better, to do better, to understand more.  And I want everyone else to do the same – to walk away with more all around.

I wonder how different our society would be if people looked at more problems with teacher eyes.


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